Book Recommendations

Sexual Intelligence

A great, general read about sex. easy, practical and entertaining. Read this book to normalise your understanding of sex.

Women’s anatomy of Arousal

Lots of stuff to learn here about how pleasure works for those fortunate enough to have a women’s body. Another good normalising read

The erotic mind

Understanding your erotic blueprint and what makes you tick.

Jungian Male Archetypes

If you identify as male, this will help and challenge you. If you live with a male, this will help you. This book is not a literal “how to” manual but it is a great thought provoker

Come as you are

A must read for any woman. This book will show you, in clear, easy to read and scientifically grounded terms how YOU ARE NORMAL

Self Compassion

We live in a world that relentlessly tells we cannot be enough and in this world we become our own harshest critics. This is a great book about the road back to self love and love of others.

Mating in Captivity

This book should be required reading for anyone getting onto a long term relationship.

The ethical slut

Some studies indicate that more than 10% of long term relationships are consensually non-monogamous and many more non-consensually non-monogamous. This is something that worth knowing about and talking about because its likely to come sometime, one way or another.