This is Us

Names: Linda and Ken

Status: Married (to each other)

Been together: 18 years

Was it easy: No way! the hardest thing we have ever done

Was it worth it: Absolutely! We would never had learned as much or become as close if we hadn’t had the rough patches

Social Styles: Linda = Introvert, Ken = Extrovert

Communication Styles: Linda = Quite and thoughtful; Ken = loud and entertaining

Greatest Strengths: Linda = Empathy; Ken = Intuition


Linda is a certified Gestalt Psychotherapist and Supervisor and trained in Systemic Family Constellations amongst many other things.

Linda is fluent in English and Swedish.



Ken studied Gestalt Psychotherapy for four years and has studied and trained in various modalities relating to sexuality over the past 6 years.

Ken speaks English and Maltese(ish)


Together Linda and Ken bring understanding, clarity support and empathy to everything they do.dsc_0852.jpg

With very different observational and intervention skills combining to provide diverse perspectives and tools for resolving whatever issues you want to challenge and resolve.

We often work with couples as a couple, bringing a unique dynamic to the therapy that allows both partners to see aspects of their current dynamic which might be less clear otherwise.

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